How To Create The Perfect Morning Routine With Your Dog

Some people just aren’t morning people. I’m one of them. For the longest time I would wake up just early enough to make it to work. I would down too much coffee, so I could wake up, jump in my car and hope I didn’t hit any red lights, so that I would make it to work on time. But, I always wanted to be one of those early risers, who wakes up and gets a workout and a great breakfast in before I start my day. The only issue was, I didn’t really have a reason to.

That was until I got an accountability partner. His name is Winston and he’s my dog.

Winston loves our morning routine. Sure, we both still wake up a little sleepy, but that doesn’t stop Winston from grabbing his leash and reminding me that it’s time to head out the door.


The first thing that gets our morning going is a run. I have to stretch, Winston on the other hand is ready to go the second we leave the house. I start off with some light stretches, so that I don’t get hurt when I run. His warm up routine is typically waiting for me to stretch, with a look on his face that say “Are you ready to go yet?”


When we first started running I could barely make it around the block, but Winston was never gassed. He always seemed to want more, even when my legs were tired. Now I run 3 to 5 miles each day, with Winston there setting the pace. It’s amazing to see how long he can go. The craziest part is, even on our 5 mile days he still doesn’t seem that tired when we are done.

Running first thing in the morning really sets me up for an awesome day. It gets my endorphins peaking. Personally, I think Winston just does it because he likes watching the sun rise with me.


But Winston and I aren’t all cardio. It’s really important to do some body weight exercises, like air squats or push ups. I have been able to work up to doing 100 pushups in one try. Winston is always there encouraging me and helping me keep my count.


Until he gets distracted by a squirrel. Then I’m on my own.


After the workout we head home. Last Christmas I got Winston this door mat. I mean, it’s his house too.


After we get cleaned up, I usually have time to make an awesome breakfast. When I have time in the mornings I usually make healthier choices. I like to go with a banana and a bagel. But, the most important part of my morning breakfast is my vitamins. After the long workout your body needs them. Even if you don’t workout in the morning, just taking a vitamin can help you perform better for the day.

One thing you probably don’t know is that dogs actually need vitamins too. I started giving Winston Milk-Bone Good Morning daily vitamins and he really loves them.


Sometimes Winston only wants to eat the vitamins, so I have to remind him to eat his food too.

Next I brush my teeth. Sometimes I even give Winston a teeth brushing as well. Dogs actually need it. Just to be clear though, we don’t use the same toothbrush.


Then before I head to the office, I give my buddy one last treat.

He really can’t get enough of these things. It’s always good to spoil your dog and get the best treats, especially the healthy ones. There are a lot of nutrients in the Milk-Bone Good Morning daily vitamins that aren’t in his food. It’s important to start your dog’s day off with a tasty way to help support his or her immune system , brain & heart, and digestion, which these treats can do.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for these treats, I don’t know if Winston would be healthy enough to do the routine with me each morning.

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