Is Your Dog Hurting And You Don’t Know It?

If your dog is shaking his head, scratching his ears or even the obvious, “ooh that can’t be good”, bad smell coming from his adorable flappy (even pointed) ears is a sign that your dog might have an ear infection.

Here’s why you don’t your dog to get an ear infection…

First of all, it hurts them. And when I say it hurts – I mean it’s pretty painful. It can also affect their hearing when it gets too bad, which is just plain mean because your pup’s ability to “see” the invisible, well that’s his (or her) “super power”!


Your dog’s super power…

In fact, Dr. Jane Hale, DVM says, one of the things your dog enjoys most is the ability to “hear” you…

Your dog loves to hear what you’re saying (so they can please you), where you are in the house or if you’re coming in the driveway (so they can be with you), and most of all, your dog wants to know what’s going on around them (so they can protect you!).

Yet, in order for them to continue their “job(s)”, they need us to do ours. And that includes adding this very easy to do, daily discipline that’s not just affordable – it’s smart.

In fact, just this one “trick” can help you to avoid the #1 reason dogs go to the vet, according to VIP Insurance– while potentially saving the $200.00 on the easy to avoid emergency vet visit.

You see it’s not just that stinky itchy dog ears are an uncomfortable nuisance. If left untreated your dog can scratch at an irritated ear until he damages it, requiring serious medical care and even surgery.

So, if you have a floppy-eared dog like a spaniel, labrador, or hound, your dog is especially susceptible to ear problems. Water-loving dogs also have been known to have higher than average rates of ear problems because wet ears tend to breed yeast and bacteria.

But any dog can be at risk for ear problems…

The Anatomy Of Your Dog’s Ear

The anatomical design of a dog’s ear is meant to help keep dirt and debris out, but it can also trap unwanted pests, yeast, and bacteria inside. Your dog’s ear canal is actually L-shaped, taking a 45 degree turn before reaching the inner ear. The route to his ear drum is twisty, curvy, and lined with delicate skin.


As you can see above, the shape of his ear predisposes him to many ear conditions humans and other domestic animals, like cats, don’t often have to deal with because of the difference in the anatomy of their ears.

Since bacteria, pests, and yeast thrive in moist, warm, dark environments, your dog’s ear canal is an ideal home for these pesky inhabitants.

Some signs of an ear problem include:

*   itchy ears

*   foul odor

*   discharge

*   visible crusting or black patches inside the ear

*   frequent shaking of the head

*   poor balance

*   walking in circles

*   rubbing ears on floor or furniture

*   redness

*   swelling

*   hair loss

*   hearing loss

*   unusual eye movement

*   reluctance to chew

*   pain when opening the mouth

*   head tilting

*   uncoordinated movements

Warning: If you notice any of these symptoms, have your dog examined by a veterinarian.


To keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy, you should examine his ears every day and clean them often to prevent problems. Keep in mind, overly aggressive ear cleaning procedures and products can cause damage to your dog’s ear canal, so don’t get too militant about it.

And if you notice evidence of parasites or pests in your dog’s ears, be sure to consult your veterinarian for a prompt treatment to prevent damage and limit discomfort for your dog – especially if your dog develops a foul ear odor or discharge. This means your dog may need a professional exam and cleaning at your veterinarian’s office.

Remember: Doing daily or weekly treatments at home is one of the best ways to keep your best boy or girl healthy when you choose a gentle ear care product, like TruDog’s ‘Clear Me’.

An ear cleaner with natural ingredients, like aloe vera, ‘Clear Me’ has incredible reviews, supporting it’s one of the best products on the market to soothe your dog’s irritated ears. By using a gentle pH balanced cleaner like ‘CLEAR ME’, you can help to prevent future infections.

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