Finally, your dog will sit and pose for the perfect selfie

Pssst. . . we just learned the secret to taking the perf selfie with your pooch . . . . .

You want your dog to stay still for that gram-worthy photo. Your dog wants you to put down your dumb phone and play with him. Now there’s an invention that suits both needs.

The Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment that enables users to attach your dog’s favorite tennis ball to the top of your phone.

In theory, the user’s dog will stay fixated on the ball, giving the user time to snap a few quick photos. After the photo, pull the tennis ball off the attachment and reward your pet for his patience

Reaffix the slobbery tennis ball to your phone at your own risk. Sure, you could probably just hold the ball above your phone yourself, but where’s the hands-free convenience in that? Read more…


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