New Brain Scan Reveals What Your Dog Really Thinks About You

Any dog lover has probably always been curious about the inner workings of their fur baby’s mind. Turns out, technology has now given us the opportunity to find out! Recent advancements in brain imaging has allowed scientists to begin studying how canine brains react to their human family members. Spoiler alert: they love you as much as you love them.

via Borbala Ferenczy

Cognition scientists at Emory University trained their doggie participants to remain still in an MRI machine while they measured the pups’ neurological responses to the smell of various people and dogs. Dogs reacted extremely positive to the scent of their owner’s specific aroma, processing it in the “reward center” of their brains.

via Borbala Ferenczy

These findings also revealed that dogs consider their humans genuine pack members, reacting to them just as they would toward a canine family member. In addition, our fur babies have the ability to pick up on our subtle mood changes, and neurotically react to different tones of voices. Anyone who has ever shared a bond with a dog probably already assumed all of these things, but it’s pretty incredible to see them backed by science. So go on, show your pup some love…they’ll show it right back!

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