Looking for a reliable dog walker for Fido? No worries, The Fairy DogParents have got you covered and we’re available for daily walks. Going on vacation? Taking a day trip? Dog visits are the perfect solution when you’re away and the dog still needs to play! and “We’ll be there when ya need us!” Don’t put your dog in the kennel, let them remain comfortable at home. Check out our dog walking and in-home pet sitting services below:

Dog Walking

**Minimum commitment for dog walking services: two walks per week to help dogs become comfortable with their walkers and the walking process.**

30 minute walk

We’ll provide an opportunity for your doggie to get out pint up energy. This option is excellent for breeds that require lot’s of exercise.  Water breaks included.

1 hour walk
Is your dog ready for the long haul? They’ll definitely be well exercised, calm, and relaxed after this walk! Water breaks are definitely included to quench your dog’s thirst.

Dog Visits 

 We’ll visit your fur baby at least twice a day: 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the evening

Mail retrieval, and plant watering services available upon request for no additional charge with dog visits.

Each visit is customized for your pooch and includes a mix of playtime, feeding, walking, and administering medication. If your dog requires more than two visits per day or more than 30 min per visit, please email or call us at 520.477.1559 and we’ll provide a customized quote.

Additional Services and Fees

**No cash or checks accepted. Debit/Credit cards only.** 

**4% processing fee for credit/debit cards.**

**Additional fee for more than one dog.**

**Additional fee for excessive cleanups.**

**Travel fee accessed depending on location or for three+ visits per day.**

Limited care for other animals such as fish, lizards, snakes, cats, tarantulas etc. ask for pricing