You have been warned, dogs: Tom Hardy will pick you up


An old acting school adage goes, “The path to an inspired performance is determined by the fluffiness of the puppy held.” One star to abide by this wise rule is the new Mad Max himself, British heartthrob Tom Hardy

Okay, this isn’t a real acting rule, but if the Instagram account Tom Hardy Holding Dogs is any sign, Mr. Hardy may have very well discovered the creative powers of giving mad love to a puppy

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The account puts Tom’s affection for man’s best friend on full display: a shot of Tom nuzzling a golden retriever, Tom cradling a black baby lab, Tom and yet another dog sharing a moment in matching fatigues. The man clearly loves his pooches and can’t get enough of them/put them down, confirmed once again by his recent visit to Alan Carr’s talkshow where he was photographed with a Basset Hound Read more…


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