Daily Walks are Essential for All Dogs

Who doesn’t like to cuddle, feed, kiss, pet, take pictures of, dress up, and even talk to their dog? Taking your dog on a walk every day is a different side of the story though. Daily dog walking is the side of being a pet parent that some humans just blatantly don’t enjoy. But guess what? Walking your dog every day is the fundamental responsibility of a dog owner whether we like it or not.

Dogs like to get out to stimulate their minds and bodies by meeting new doggie friends, discovering new smells, getting exercise, and releasing energy. Sounds exciting huh? The bottom line is, nothing is better for your dog than actively and consistently adhering to a structured walking program. Some major benefits of daily dog walk include:

  • Minimizing the risk of canine obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer
  • Reducing/eliminating destructive behaviors like scratching, digging, and chewing
  • Alleviating extra energy that can cause excitability and hyperactivity

Click below to discover how much daily exercise through dog walks with The Fairy DogParents can change your dog’s health. 


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